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Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Columbia

There are many reasons you should be concerned with the indoor air quality of your Columbia home. Poor indoor air is one of the leading causes of allergies and other respiratory ailments in adults and children. With so much of our daily lives spent inside our homes, it’s vital to address indoor air pollutants. At Kaminer Heating and Cooling, our Columbia HVAC contractors provide indoor air quality services including HEPA filters, air filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers throughout the Columbia area. So if you are suffering from sneezing, coughing or general discomfort in your home, call the pros at Kaminer Heating and Cooling to help.

HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters for Columbia HomesAir pollution inside your Columbia home can cause severe health problems. People with asthma and other lung problems are prone to the ill effects of indoor air pollution. HEPA filters or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are designed effectively filter out even the smallest of particles from your air conditioning system.
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Air Filtration Systems

Columbia Air Filtration SystemsThe air inside your Columbia home is very likely more polluted than the air outdoors. Air filtration systems are used to filter airborne allergens such as mold, dust, pollen, pet dander and more. It’s vital to control indoor air pollutants with products such as air cleaners or furnace filters in order to attain clean indoor air.
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Home Humidifiers in ColumbiaWhen it get cold outside, the humidity in your home can drop to unhealthy levels causing health issues such as skin irritation, dry sinuses and increased likelihood of asthma attacks. The best way to create a more suitable indoor air environment is to install a humidifier. Humidifiers increase the moisture in the air making it easier to breathe inside your Columbia home.
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Dehumidifiers in Columbia, SCHumidity level inside your Columbia home can be brought down by using a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers in Columbia improve home comfort and health by removing dampness and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. The installation of a quality home dehumidifier will rectify high moisture levels inside your home’s HVAC system.
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Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollutants

Health effects from indoor air pollutants in Columbia may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. Immediate effects may show up after a single exposure or repeated exposures. These include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Such immediate effects are usually short-term and treatable. Sometimes the treatment is simply eliminating the person’s exposure to the source of the pollution, if it can be identified. Symptoms of some diseases, including asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and humidifier fever, may also show up soon after exposure to some indoor air pollutants.

The likelihood of immediate reactions to indoor air pollutants depends on several factors. Age and preexisting medical conditions are two important influences. In other cases, whether a person reacts to a pollutant depends on individual sensitivity, which varies tremendously from person to person. Some people can become sensitized to biological pollutants after repeated exposures, and it appears that some people can become sensitized to chemical pollutants as well.

Certain immediate effects are similar to those from colds or other viral diseases, so it is often difficult to determine if the symptoms are a result of exposure to indoor air pollution. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the time and place the symptoms occur. If the symptoms fade or go away when a person is away from the home and return when the person returns, an effort should be made to identify indoor air sources that may be possible causes. Some effects may be made worse by an inadequate supply of outdoor air or from the heating, cooling, or humidity conditions prevalent in the home.

Other health effects may show up either years after exposure has occurred or only after long or repeated periods of exposure. These effects, which include some respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer, can be severely debilitating or fatal. It is prudent to try to improve the indoor air quality in your Columbia home even if symptoms are not noticeable.

While pollutants commonly found in indoor air are responsible for many harmful effects, there is considerable uncertainty about what concentrations or periods of exposure are necessary to produce specific health problems. People also react very differently to exposure to indoor air pollutants. Further research is needed to better understand which health effects occur after exposure to the average pollutant concentrations found in homes and which occur from the higher concentrations that occur for short periods of time.

If you are looking for indoor air quality services in Columbia, then please call Kaminer Heating and Cooling at 803-772-9140 or complete our online request form.

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