Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnace Repair & Installation in Columbia, SC

At Sub:BusinessName}, we got your home covered during those cold winter months when you need the heat going to stay warm. While South Carolina's winters may not be extensive, those few months from December to February still can see low temperatures come in. This is why you should trust our gas furnace maintenance team to take care of any heat pump, electric heating, and furnace repair problems. What do all of our Columbia gas furnace repair and installation services entail?

Getting Your Gas Furnace Thermostat Back In Order

Sometimes your gas furnace may be working poorly if there's a bad thermostat in your home. Our Columbia gas furnace repair technicians have the right tools handy to take a look at your furnace and see if there is a problem such as a bad thermostat or other parts of the furnace that are causing it to turn on or turn off irregularly. You don't want to let that furnace keep acting up because it could cost you hundreds in either your gas or electric bills.

Other Issues Causing Gas Furnace Problems

Besides the thermostat, there could be other problems causing your furnace to not heat properly or turn on at all. They could be one or more of the following:

  • Bad ignition switch
  • Bad pilot light
  • Broken filter
  • Broken heating ducts

Sometimes the problems may seem minor enough to handle them yourself, but you don't want to attempt gas furnace repair unless you're a certified professional, as there could be dangers involved.

  1. You don't want to try to fix a gas furnace if there are gas leaks somewhere due to fire hazards.
  2. You might void the warranty on your furnace if you attempt to repair the furnace on your own.
  3. Small problems could turn into even bigger costs down the road if you don't fix them right.

Our gas furnace repair team in Columbia has done this work so many times that we can be in-and-out before you know it and not have to worry about heavy costs that other HVAC contractors charge. We are completely trained and certified to work in South Carolina so you have the assurance they know what they're doing.

Replacing & Installing A New Furnace

We can do most gas furnace repairs even on older models, but if it's less expensive to get you a new one, we can do so and complete a gas furnace installation quickly. Our Columbia gas furnace installation technicians will make sure we get a unit for your home that's efficient and keeps your heating bills at a minimum. We also offer ongoing gas furnace maintenance plans to make sure all heating units continue operating at peak performance.

If you have any more questions about gas furnace installation in Columbia or want to see what our customers are saying, you can call us at (803) 888-4115 or contact us online. Our service area includes Irmo and Blythewood.

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